New news:

* My series GREETINGS FROM HOME aired last month. We just topped 3,000,000 views on AOL. The entire experience on this show has been wonderful. You can see it here (along with a behind-the-scenes appearance from moi):

* Julia bought me face cream. Don’t know if I’ll use it.

* Signed a finance deal for the feature version of Z (based on my short: I’m scouting locations this weekend in Quebec.

* Shot even par (72) on Sunday. Muni course…so what?

* Directed a pilot last week. Production took a few years off my life. Fortunately, I think we got everything we needed.

* Recent surf-sesh with Mia Maestro, Dan Ross, and Damien Rice.

Other than that…just a lot of stress and second guessing. Luckily, I have an inspiring family and the best wife ever to help remind me of the good stuff: loving and living.




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