Tongue Traps Walmart “Get On The Shelf” Submission Video

A few friends and I recently invented a shoe product called Tongue Traps ( that stops the tongue of your shoe from sliding left and right. It’s kinda of whacky, but works and customers have been eating them up through our website for the past three months.

We now have a chance to get into stores via Walmart’s “Get On The Shelf” competition. Here is a link to our competition page:

PLEASE  take five seconds to vote for us by following the instructions on the submission page or texting “4579″ to “383838.” If you’re really feeling generous, you can vote once a day. Ten finalists will be selected April 3rd based on the number of votes accumulated, then Walmart chooses a winner out of those ten.

Feel free to share our submission video with your social networks or any other outlets you have access to. We need all the help we can get! Fixing TS (tongue slippage) is very important to us. If we band together, we can save the lives of so many shoes.

Mind, body, soul, shoe tongue – keep it straight.

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