Project Updates…

It has been a busy few months.

I wrapped Z in mid-March. It was the most fun I’ve had directing in years…nothing compares to shooting your own material. Our crew rocked: stunt coordinator from Spiderman 4/Kill Bill, SFX supervisor from Cloverfield/Jonah Hex, props from Taken, wardrobe from CSI…all cranking on this crazy project I hope to make into a feature. Justine Bateman was great to work with and Rob Buckley turned out to be an absolute stud. Everything went so smoothly it was almost boring – we all gathered after wrap to gossip, but there was nothing to gossip about.

The footage is accessible, but unique in its own way. We didn’t light one shot and put very little resources into camera/electric, which completely grounds the humor. With that exception, I tried extra hard to listen to my manager’s advice on this one: “Just don’t make it weird. Do you know what I mean by that?” “Yeah, I get it. Be commercial.” We’re finalizing our VFX/score/sound mix now.

I directed three commercials in April, an 8-part webseries with Holly Robinson Peete in May, and was recently hired to rewrite and direct a feature for producers of Hung/Deadwood/Big Love. I need to turn in my draft on July 11th. I’m REALLY stoked on this project and pray our financing pulls through.

Visioneers was the number one movie on Hulu again last month. Our new DVD was released by Redbox two weeks ago and will be in Walmart/Barnes and Noble/Best Buy this summer.

Ironically, Walmart was the inspiration for the Jeffers Corp.

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