Visioneers – Narrative Film

Feature Film

Directed by: Jared Drake

Written by: Brandon Drake

Produced by: Mayfly Films, Jory Weitz, and The Syndicate

Distribution: Some theaters, DVD, VOD Netflix, iTunes, Redbox, Hulu, Blockbuster, and a slew of others, including illegal downloads ripping us off.

Cast: Zach Galifianakis, Judy Greer, Mia Maestro, DW Moffett, Missi Pyle, and James Legros

About: My first feature, written by my brother. Shot on 35mm, the film screened at a number of festivals world-wide. We won multiple awards and generated some great reviews. I receive an email nearly very day from a fan that says this is the best movie they’ve ever seen or a hater that says it is the worst.


“An assured first feature by  Jared Drake…this tender Orwellian satire proves unexpectedly moving.” – Hollywood Reporter

“These kind of indie comedies so rarely work –but thanks to some absolutely killer performances, this first-time feature from director Jared Drake establishes a tonally awkward and bizarre premise and just rides it home to what turns out to be a pretty great, smart dark comedy.”  – Ain’t It Cool

“Let’s make this movie a hit.” – SlashFilm

“Few festival films leave you with that feeling of real discovery and Visioneers  gives you the sense that Jared Drake is just warming up.” – eFilmCritic

Partial Festival List: