Greetings From Home – Narrative Film


Platform: AOL

Producer: Vuguru/BermanBraun

Created by: Bill Masters, Bill Rosenthal, Michael Davidoff

Directed by: Jared Drake – 12 episodes

About: 126 pages in 12 days. Mad. Fortunately, I got everything I needed. Come to think of it, I could’ve done it in 11 (don’t tell my producers). The concept of the show enabled us to move fast, but required a ton of effort from my cast. Everyone had at least one day of 7-8 pages of straight dialogue.

I always love working with BermanBraun and was amped to team up with Vuguru for the first time. The challenge of telling a first person webcam story in a visual way really excited me. The creators and I spent a lot of time discussing where we can skew the boundaries of such a limitation and where we can’t. I think we nailed it.

Cast and Crew