Narrow World of Sports Premiere

The first three episodes of a webseries I’m directing, Narrow World of Sports, premiered last weekend. The show is hosted by Seinfeld writer/producer and all around good dude Peter Mehlman. He’ll definitely be nominated for MVP at my 2009 red carpet ceremony, if I had a 2009 red carpet ceremony.

YouTube ran the trailer of the first three episodes across the top of their homepage last Sunday, which generated tens of millions of impressions for the show. Basically, the exact opposite of our Visioneers premiere. Visioneers was 600 people crammed into a theater, experiencing the film together. Narrow World was millions of people across the country experiencing the show on their own. Hopefully my next project will premiere in a theater that seats millions. That would rule.

The fact that we’re still shooting episodes after audiences were exposed to the first three is madness. Thank god the response has been positive. It would be awkward on set this week if our first episodes tanked.

I can definitely say I’ve never worked on a project like this. Visioneers was very methodical, every stage calculated and re-tooled until all in involved thought it was perfect, then we carefully rolled out pieces to audiences. Narrow World, on the other hand, is largely unscripted, so we have to stay loose, which is not the way I’m used to working AT ALL. By nature, I overly prepare. That’s the type of person I am. Think then do, not vice versa. On Narrow World, we show up and improvise with whatever ingredients we have that day, figuring out what type of pie we’re making as we’re throwing it in the oven. A lot of great surprises have come from this as I’m able to see things I otherwise would have missed. This is definitely a trait my directing (and life) can benefit from. Really tho, I’m just trying to keep up with Peter.

Anyways, two more days of shooting, six more episodes to lock. We’re getting there.

Visit YouTube’s homepage each Sunday for links to our latest episodes, or go here now:

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